Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today I lost my Ikea virginity

Yes I have owned Ikea shelving and definitely teen room items and my assistant is a big proponent of the children's room but I had never actually been there till today. My first mistake was not wearing a scarf wrapped around my neck European style. Everyone else seemed to know the dress code. Then the second  thing that happened is I felt a need to remodel my kitchen, even though it didn't need it.

Then I entered container land and started losing my mind. Suddenly I felt that my whole house needed reorganizing.These are candle snuffers who looked like they had potential to me for modern mini lighting.About this time an unbidden tune came into my head. I realized I was humming" I have no strings to tie me down..." from Pinnochio. That was when I zipped my purse shut.
"Why?" you might ask was I there. I got a call to arms from Minidork that MAYBE, just maybe the little lights powered by watch batteries might be in the summer sale bin.
Believe me I looked Megan. The cute salespeople who looked about eight years old told me they were definitely gone. Then the boy joked, "You just missed them".. and when he saw the look on my face he quickly added stuttering, "just kidding... it's an Ikea joke..."
I think this is like the famous ghost orchid no one can find in the rain forrests. He said, "We had them... try at Christmas"... sure along with the fountain of youth!
I did see these child size plastic goblets, too cute!And Santa was there too. So it wasn't a total loss But I have to say I now feel I have dual citizenship with Sweden too. Sorry Megan! 
One of the quirky thing about this Emmeryville Ikea is that their lunch room has been written up in food magazines. The food is delicious and interesting but the surprise is the room has one of the best views of the Bay Bridge and the City. It is located right on the edge of the East Bay so the unobstructed view is priceless. Busiiness people go there for inexpensive lunches. (I do suggest you go during nap hours though.)  C.


  1. Ha, ha, ha. Ikea can be quite a trip to the uninitiated. I, too, get a hard-to-resist urge to redecorate when I go in one of their stores. Even more than redecorating, I want to get another 1:1 scale house and do it completely in Ikea.
    I resist though, because I know that I would just have to do it all over again in four years when everything starts to fall apart and the alan key in mysteriously absent.

    The lights are a great idea. I will keep that in mind.


  2. Ha ha, so true. The lights are an urban myth. Been up to anything good lately??? C

  3. I like the looks of those candle snuffers.
    I have never been to an IKEA either. I have seen that big store from the freeway I think. Now I want to go there for lunch. Great post, thanks. barb


    Here is a picture of the lights on Modern MC's blog that she found last year,

    I took too long to go get some and they were gone. I was told that last Christmas they were available in white, blue and red, but I missed them again. I'm hoping for this Christmas.

  5. My Realitty: Quite an experience..Ha?
    You gave me good ideas though! I live so close to Ikea, I can go there every day if I like..??
    So I am used to go to the"Find"-area where they sell some things in very low prize... and today I did put something in my blog that I have found from IKea to my becoming dollhouse. Just a little of something. But those candle snuffers..I have to go and look for them I think! And that lamp..I have been a fool, I have seen those so many times and haven`t noticed them! O`my! I`ll have to go and see them also, if there are any left for me...I`ll let you know.

    MY camera went on "strike", but I`ll get a picure of my chairs as soon as it works again. It is out of battery now.

  6. Mini Dork "as God is my wittness, I will never go lightless again!" fist raised to the sky. :)C

  7. Kikka, I lost the battery lid on my camera and
    had to sneak my minis over to my son in laws to take the Bliss pics. It took 3 WEEKS for a new one to be ordered. Hence the lack of backgrounds that month of blogging. !?%#@* C

  8. MyRealitty, what a Lost! Ugh..

    I just had to recharge the battery and also empty the camera`s memorycard.

    But I have also had some problems with my eyes, so that is why I have been slow in blogging and doing anything mini for a few weeks, now I am waiting to have new glasses...can hardly wait!