Saturday, August 7, 2010

Did you SEE this?

It's on German Ebay! Vintage dollhouse furniture.
How good would it look  in the Emerson!   From item# 250678732724 or search under puppenstube. They ship world wide.Wow. It ends 6 days from today. C

Update: Shale tells me the Emerson is on ebay listed at $314.00. plus shipping.

Update update: Oese you know how I am with measuring... I am glad to be released too! F. aka Lefty
(I still want it...)
Update: it sold for $120.97. If you bought it send a pic. : ) C


  1. I've seen it too. But it is pretty expensive, isn't it? I don't know if I should bid.

  2. oh, and I see it now: the table is more than 5 inches high, so much too big for the emerson house. I'm released.

  3. These chairs and table are gorgeous, but they sound like they are Ginny scale not dollhouse.

    The ebay Emerson shipping costs are high. If you order directly from Brinca Dada the shipping is very low and delivery is fast, I hear. The only problem is that they don't ship out of the USA at the moment. So if you want one sent internationally the ebay guy may be the only choice right now. He has 2.

    Iten # Item Number 250644971276


  4. Teah, tempting! I wonder who will be showing it next. CM

  5. Thanks for sharing! I was very tempted to buy the Emerson house from the internet guy, but with 300 dollars in postage, I think I rather wait until the Brincadada guys ship abroad and see what they charge for the shipping. (I'm afraid that 300 dollars perhaps is the right price though, a doll's house is quite large)