Friday, August 20, 2010

The Quest for Mini Art

Where does one obtain Art worthy of Modern scenes? (see post below: "Acrylic table" for blank canvas)At the Gallery.
 This is a difficult house to play with because the designers were seemingly overwhelmed with the glory of plastic. It is so scuptural that it's arrangements are limited even though it was planned to be limitless. I think it is interesting to have this design flaw. The design of the house  is greater than the design of it's inhabitants, in fact dwarfing them. It is telling that the only multi color used in manufacturing furnishings for this house  is in the art pieces for the walls. They mimiced Picasso and other contemporary artists and were realistic though miniature. This showed a respect for that aesthetic though the people were nondescript.(I will discuss how the characters were stereotyped, boys with baseball mitts, and girls with dish towels when I come to it on MyRealitty some time next spring). 
At it's conception it was groundbreaking.I think it was a good 30 years before the Kleidescope house.  For further posts on it go to  Imagingation House, CM

Update: what I think I am trying to express is about the transition of focus from doll to house. Dolls used to be the
focus with individual and detailed  features. Great attention was put on dressing them. Hair style is one of the reliable means of dating a doll because they were so accurate whether a wig or carefully braided porcelain..(The Thorne rooms are different as they were not  made as a child's toy.) Here you can clearly see the change in balance of importance from doll to house at this stage of dollhouse development.

I would love watch how children play wih the current MOMA model to see if it is fun.  Has anyone observed this yet? C


  1. The Galleryhouse looks really artistic, You can see through it and it is colourful and airy.. And the colours give you some themes!

  2. Wow that house is really something. It does look tippy. Very interesting to read the Feb. posting about imagination house. Love your art gallery -barb

  3. I totally agree with Barb once I looked on the Feb post which is incredible.
    this house is extremely interesting. But I get your points that it must have been a challenge to play with it as kids!
    Best Regards as always.

  4. Hi Kikka! Can't wait to see your gallery! C

  5. Thanks Barb. Hope to meet you at the Design Within Reach event next month.C

  6. Neomig. Marx made this house and it is funny because the people for all Marx houses, the tin lithos, the cowboys towns etc. are plastic molds in bland colors, but the design on the playsets is colorful.
    Oh I made a mistake! It's Neomig who is making an artists house not Flying Pig. :( xoxo C

  7. Thank you very much for your comment, this dollhouse is very original! greetings

  8. I think also ancient art would look great in a modern scene like this. Your Venus statue would look great in this gallery if it's in a suitable size. I still love this house!

  9. Oh Pubdoll, Good point! I didn't have it when this photo was taken. CM