Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oh Barbie! Check out these Bad A-s Lego girls!

Read in the Huffington Post today the following

She couldn't become a computer engineer and had to rely on men. The Mattel company apologized.

The problem is what she represents. The sex ing of kids, Kinda like what Brittany Spears did to Kids clothing, tots in Daisy Dukes and off the shoulder T shirts! And Yes Mom can say no, but  recognizing the power of merchandising is such a empowering idea. How we are manipulated by the psychology of sales. Obvious but so powerful.

Thank you Susan of Susan's mini homes for this article in her newspaper in Toronto

And Jewell at doll-lightful for clearing things up about the Lammily  Doll

As I am 60 and lived in LA I had one of the first Barbie dolls. I was in 5th grade. Man, Barbie has lingerie. Who knew about silk stockings? And GARTER BELTS!.

 I remember going over to my friend Sally's house and being surprised when she said "Want to play DIRTY BARBIE" I said ok. Then she unclothed both her Barbie and Ken and held them together tummy to tummy and smashed them around.
It meant nothing to me... Boring.

Lets just say there are dolls for all ages.

And Kudos to the little girl, Charlotte who wrote Legos asking them to make girl Scientist lego people.

So gimme those Badass Lego girls! These are mash ups by a real 3 yr old girl! Cecilia. Her mom Posted them. So cool.

And here are the  new Lego women

I am thinking of this because I read that clever English Journalist, Caitlin Moran's book, "How to be a Woman" on her experiences as a writer and girl/mother/lover et al. and My Little Assistant came into my room looked shocked and asked incredulously "YOU'RE READING HOW TO BE A WOMAN?" Like maybe I didn't know how...

You see once again miniatures reveal real life.Take that Nella Oortman's husband! There was a time we didn't even OWN our  own children.  You go Girrrls! CM 

P.S. I originally titled this "Barbie, check out those Badass Lego Girrls" and I think blogspot wouldn't publish it till I removed "badass" from the title. Could that be? Thanks Minidork I saw in your comment how to spell with -. 

 (I should really call this blog "I'm just saying...")


  1. Yes, women have come a long way in our lifetime, but I have always believed in the phrase "We girls can for anything", which Barbie adopted at one point. I also had a Barbie in the 1960's and while she may have found Ken a nice diversion, my Barbie usually wore a lab coat and was alternately a research scientist and a doctor. It's not the doll that creates stereotypes, its the messages you get from the people around you. I am all for Lego women scientist, but the children can make them so without corporate help.

  2. What is feminism. This is what, the 3rd generation of Feminists? My daughters.
    I love the website Jezebel and what I learned from Caitlin Monroe's book is a feminist is anyone who sees it is different to be a woman than a man and doesn't let anyone tell her what to do. Like the Lego company only having men at work. I'm just saying....

  3. Here's a good recap of the book:

  4. Ha ha ha ha does it include her original diet book that I kid you not is titled "Don't EAT". :0 CM

  5. I really enjoyed that book. And I love the Lego girl mash-ups.