Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pennsylvania antiquing

What a day! 

Beautiful Pennsylvania sunshine. Spring weather. This state has farms and barns and houses that look like dollhouses.

After looking at beautiful old furniture at this farm, 
we found a set of Adrian Cooke furniture in a case in the old barn. The owner said he didn't have any dollhouse stuff. It appeared as if it were  magic.

           To a Californian, all these houses look like dollhouses. Very few houses in Ca. are older than the 1940's.

The grass is greening up and the forsythia is in bloom. Antique stores, antique malls and outside flea markets are everywhere. 
We just set the GPS to "nearest antique store" and headed out.We even ran into an outdoor auction.

Some were traditional.

Some spaces in the antique mall were dedicated to one specific era. This was a 1960's shop and gave me flashbacks. Orange Dansk pots and lots of lime green tupperware.
More next week... CM


  1. And did we have fun. It was so nice to have a sample of spring after the long winter we had in Toronto. I love Pennsylvania and the fact that one can find antique doll house items all over the place. Can't wait until next time!!

  2. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I like these houses. They look like dollhouses. Keep in touch.

  3. Thank you Marta, and oh yes we did! Susan.