Tuesday, May 6, 2014


                                Cute cardboard suitcases

         A new tea set for Rosemary in the Happy Shaw house.    German side tables and an old dresser of unknown manufacture.

The couch, chair, and ottoman are Goldilocks Doll Furniture. I especially love the aged patina coloring them gold. Floor 
lamp is Tynietoy. These dolls came with the Tynietoy Townhouse.

                       A Complete set of antique bottles from Germany for the                                        Schneegas drinks tray. 

I don't think I  have ever seen this whole set in the box. Oops put 2 Scotch in instead of one Irish.
                                          And trunks for the Tynietoy attic.
                                             Two are tea tins one is a bank.

And, always little toys for Downton the baby of the Tinytoy                                          Townhouse. This time a train set.
                                     More to follow. CM


  1. I love the antique patina on everything, even the drink bottles, Mr. and Mrs. seem to have imbibed too much, however, or are they just tired from the move? So happy to see you posting again!!

  2. What fun to see the treasures we found while I was visiting you in PA. They look so great in your Tynietoy Townhouse. I am still jealous that you found the liquor bottles before I did. And, I love the Goldilocks Doll Furniture. I can't wait to visit again either in CA or PA.

  3. It would take a lot to drag this Californian back into the snow...;) CM