Monday, November 17, 2014


You may have seen this replication of Picasso's Guernica done in Legos on the internet by Veronica Watson of Legoland. Very ambitious.

Guernica was a small Spanish Basque village where Franco and Hiltler bombed and strafed unsuspecting villagers  in their town and fields. Hitler did it to show off and show the power of terror. Picasso painted it to bring attention to The Spanish Civil War.

 Picasso knew this was a new form of warfare and his painting was shown  at the 1937 International Exhibition in Paris in the Spanish  Pavilion.  The Spanish were quite nervous about it's reception because of the strong presence the Germans whose exhibit was one of the largest as Germany was just coming into power before WW2.

 On seeing a picture of the painting on Picasso's wall during the occupation of Paris a German Officer is to have said to Picasso "Did you do that" and Picasso replied "No, you did"

Considering the world of terrorist acts we live in I don't care what medium this important work is shown in as long as people see it and know its history.

And I am NOT say Germany made the only Terrorists. I think my own country has  done it's share of damage.

What would you paint to depict terror today, Be headings, drones, refugee camps? CM


  1. Interesting question. What would you paint? Great post.

  2. I would make the Viet Nam War Veterans Mounment out of black legos.
    Yes I know miniatures are,how shall I put it. a less serious medium generally. Faerie gardens and all. There is an absurdity when "twee" meets somber. But had to notice this.