Friday, October 14, 2011

Tomorrow is the Miniature Conflagration in San Jose

See you there! Saturday or Sunday? Hmmm.

For Lemon Cadet. My kids bought this little computer sometime around 1987? Some how the screen got lost. I will have to print the original Apple Screensaver.

from Wikipedia
      This is a picture of the first Apple computer.
Thank you for everything Steve Jobs.

Update: today this item is available on ebay US
item  #170646801360  for $9.99 and there are 10 available. Do you think these are still being made?
This offer ends in 8 days.


  1. I wish I could be there for the Mini Conflagration. You lucky west coast people!

    As a Mac user since 1985 I appreciate the tribute to Steve Jobs. I am apprehensive about the direction Apple will take now. But, as they say, change is the only constant.

  2. What a great post! I love the computer. Have fun this weekend. I am so jealous of you all.

  3. Hi Shale Yes, what a game changer HE was! CM

  4. Hi Tam toum, glad you stopped by! C

  5. Hey Lemon, wish you guys were here too! Party. CM