Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Dylan is done!!!! In less than an hour!

 OK, so my Large Assistant made the missing dowell out of a pencil. He cut off a piece (took 2 cuts) Is this where the designer starts tearing out his hair saying, "Why do I let these people touch my designs!" ?

                     The last screw goes in.
                                  Ta Dah!
 OK it is finished! I !LOVE it! Done in less than an hour of total work. The hardest part, according to my Large Assistant, was getting up off the floor again... :) CM


  1. I can sympatise with the getting up off the floor comment. I have spent the weekend crawling under my dining room table to retrieve minijunk I had stored under there. Ow. Mi aching back.

    Love the Dylan!! Let's see it furnished.

  2. I like the football in the background!

  3. Wow, Excellent job! Beautiful House!
    Isn`t it nice to have a Large Assistant? They are so Handy!
    I Love mine :)

  4. Mme. V, You have to keep your workers happy! CM

  5. Kikka, and yet sometimes so stubborn... But necessary. CM

  6. You're lucky!
    Beautiful house.
    Bye Faby

  7. Hi Faby! I wish it was full size! CM

  8. Looks like it was fun to put the house together. The results is fabulous!