Monday, October 17, 2011

Do you know the way to San Jose....

That song kept running through my head as I sailed 25 minutes down the freeway. In traffic it would take over an hour and a half.
photo from Megan Hornbecker's cell phone
 I drove by ebay headquarters through the industrial park to the hotel. I waved, "Hi it's me..."
The Doubletree hotel was very nice. The quality of the miniatures was very high. There were 100 vendors or so. Not too many. Medium well attended on Sunday. (OK just published this before all my pics are up, so will be adding more throughout the day!)
     So happy to meet Peter and Jeremy Tucker in person!
photos by MiniDork
Love this Eames bench! The one in my hand  (above) is made in natural wood color.

PDR shelf
Saw Paris and Lisa Renfroe. There is always lots of buzz around their booth.The funny thing is many of their customers are the other vendors. I picked up my zig zag wall unit. Wow! Paris suggested mounting it on lucite so I can have more options with the background! I love it.

photo by Minidork
Doris found this great vendor of small hand sewn items and bought a beautiful quilt made of asian silks. It will make a gorgeous wall hanging.

One of my new favorites is XYZZX Creations. William and Joan Beiriger who show "ethnic and Nature arts in miniature"

photo by Minidork
He has an African sculpture by William Asango from Kenya that is similar in shape to a Giacometti  that I am wild about. I had already shot my wad by the time I saw it. their website is:

photo from website of xyzzx creations

Erik Goddard at:  made beautiful lit roomboxes and oriental lanterns that glowed. 

Also got to hang out with Mini Dork who is a blast! Must plan better for next year! (need a bigger budget) Thanks for the wine and Pita Chip treats, Minidork! CM


  1. Ha!
    No idea where San Jose is. I'm geographically challenged =0/

    Sounds like you had a blast. Lovin' the ethnic/nature stuff. More piccies please =0)

  2. Well, Pepper imagine a halfway point between LA and San Fran... (ok closer to SF, but CULTURALLY closer to LA). CM

  3. Hey there! Great post. Because of you, I found about the ethnic art of XYZZX Creations and I would like to say that it is amazing.I also love the Eames bench but I would like the seating part to be in the color of wood.

  4. Hi Tam, He has one that is all natural, I haven't been to his website yet to see if it is shown, I think it is new C

  5. It sounds like so much fun!! I wish I could have been there!

  6. Shale! You and I are going to have to do Chicago! CM

  7. Wow, it all looks so exquisite and unique! And very modern, my how dollhouses have changed!