Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Dylan: Mid way!

 So of course I cannot wait to play!I am exploring the scale starting clockwise with the red Bouloum chair by pinchofpepper, aqua Dol Toi  chair and couch 3/4 scale, Marx bed set too small. Gold Dol Toi couch and chair, the right size but not sleek enough. Orange minimoderenista pharmacy lamp, a little too big maybe? Orange chairs, '60's made in Japan which I repainted and fit just right!
Paris Renfroe kitchen, good size but extends above the ceiling height. Will need to special order. Behind the house, larger than 1/6 scale Ghost chair, White Barbie 1/6 chair, and Mattel wooden 1950's from the I House, both too big.

CM :)


  1. Bonjour Mme. V, I have to scroumge for furniture this small now. I consider it a treasure hunt! CM