Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dylan Doll House: Livingroom

So I REALLY love the gold curved ceiling.

But I will admit it is hard not being able to put your whole hand into the room.
Credits: back to front Amazing miniatures shelf Bozart vase, DDR German vintage floor lamp, Crailsheimer couch and chairs. Tootsietoy table Mightyworld glassware, rement plate, vintage Navajo souvenir rug, pinchofpepper Bouloum chair.
Well, frankly this couch has such an ugly maroon color. It clashes with the red items I want to incorporate. Paint it? Gray? C?
Well I have accepted the fact that the Boulom chair will live in the MH1.
                               Rearranging the Crailsheimer couch.
          The world famous Amazing Miniatures shelf...
Exhibit B
 The large Reac Pieces fit in the livingroom, the smaller ones in the upstairs.
The reason I am posting each day is I want to get back to the I house on Myrealitty blog.
Hope you enjoy, thanks for the comments.
OMG Does this ever happen to you? I looked ALL OVER for the 4th outdoor chair. Really. Then I found it right at my foot!  I know they move. You cannot tell me sometimes they do not hide! Sneaky little minis! CM


  1. I love the roof patio!! I don't think the maroon couch color looks that bad. It fits nicely into the room.

  2. OK I hear the Bennett furniture is supposed to be hot! CM

  3. I don't have a problem with that color either. But I think you need a rug in that white room. Have you seen the embossed felt at michael's?
    It cuts well and is a good scale. There is a grey.

    Can you take some photos through the windows? I would like to see that.