Sunday, October 9, 2011

It came! That was Quick! Part 1 of assembling the Dylan.

My little assistant and I got the package from my house first thing this morning!Apparently she is traveling incognito in her shades.
Here it is! It is so pretty!

Under Tools you'll need notice the directions say: "screws...,
Phillips Screwdriver, and the ability to remain calm!"  Showing the assembler in a Lotus position. Too funny.
 My approach was to put on Football. Go Raiders.My Larger Assistant has had experience putting together numerous Barbie Houses over the years.
 The little assistant complained there was nothing to do so she was assigned unwrapping. She said, "it is best if you slip it side to side" then she popped the plastic bubbles until the other workers began to complain.

My large assistant put the gray frame upside down so we had to disassemble it and start over.
Then he felt the gold floor was not fitting and we finally realized we are missing one large dowell Part#3. So far we have not located it. Probably my work force's fault rather than the supplier. It sure looks pretty though! CM

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