Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New lights for the dollhouse

           Jacobsen's halo light for my MH1!
                                                     OK April Fool's!

 (I wish! Doris? Peter? Paris?) Just wanted to get this out there early as I am in one of the last time zones. Happy Early April Fools Day, tomorrow, or the next day, or whenever you read this!   ;)  C


  1. The whole interior is glorious! The colour of the floor is so beautiful with all the white and black! I Love the chairs..the paintings the LAMP ! and everything!
    Adore although you say it i April Fools...

  2. It is a great photo of a great room. Full size though! CM

  3. Good to be reminded about April Fool's day, but haven't planned anything myself - yet!
    Love the lamp and the room!

  4. Hi your Pubness, well it is always good to prepare your children for school that day, especially young ones. Maybe a trick played together on Daddy... Having been a girl scout I try to "Be prepared". CM

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! It can't be that hard to make one in 1:12. I have money in hand for whoever has one for me ...

  6. Ha ha, Shale does it have to work? C