Friday, March 11, 2011

More happily ever Afters

Oh Eames!
 I have this little Reac model in black and it blew my mind when I found out Barbie had one too.

In  PINK!  Of course. Duh,

So I just had to change it.

What do you think?

and I just had to remodel this hot pink desk,

To this.

Wait for it ... the chair was hot pink too! Now put on your sunglasses for the "before picture" of this desk... Ready?

I mean it, really.

 The best part of this (don't tell anyone) is I got some of the furniture for 99 cents. The desk set with all the accessories by Gloria was $5.45 plus shipping. Check out the purple phone. See it transformed to black in the picture below? 

See the tower of the computer under the desk instead of under the screen?

Great cheap thrills! Hey what can I say, I'm saving for a wedding. Cheers! C

See post below or before this for the first crop of reworked furniture.


  1. your make over is much much much better.....
    how long can they go on with this pink?

  2. Interesting point Neomig. Don't they know there is a market for midcentury design? I guess they can no longer think out side the palatte it you will. They must make enough money on little girls to be able to manufacturer other things. Look at the success of reac. C

  3. Hi Carol!
    Those are also Gorgeous transformations that you have done now!

    Yes, I remembered that you had lived in Japan... (we had talk about it with the poem in my blog :) ) When I wrote earlier, I had just been watching some news about the tsunami how it is moving ... ;
    so had my worries about some friends over there on the coast.. :) Happy you are all right!

  4. Kikka, it is wonderful how we are all in different parts of the globe but care about each other. I worry about the people in Libya too.
    I am glad I have my miniature worl to distract me. C

  5. I love what you do with paint. The after pics are just fabulous!!

  6. I think it is hilarious how once the pink is gone the lines show through. C

  7. What a transformation! It all looks wonderfly sleek and modern now. Though, I am partial to pink. ;)

  8. Hi Dale! What's up? LOL, yes Pink is special. C

  9. Everything looks so good repainted.I am amazed at the transformations. I still like the pink Eames chair even though the black and chrome one looks fab.