Sunday, March 20, 2011

Keeping it light

Well my friend Lemoncadet infected me with her beautiful photography on Flickr. Go here to see more. 

                                     How sleek is this?

          How mod is this? I love how she contrasts color and shape.

These pictures feature the miniature furniture of the Petite Princess Fantasy Furniture Line that was made for only one year in 1964 by the Ideal Co. It was high end, had 30 pieces and was made in Japan. Later under the name Princess Patti it was carried at Sears and produced in Hong Kong.  It is 3/4 " scale and represents the best of 1960's design. Lemoncadet also shows a good selection of the original miniatures contrasted with the later knock offs which are pretty darn close. The serious Buddah is the original, the laughing one was made later.

There are 8 of us in the Petite Princess by Ideal flickr group. There is even a fan page on Face book for Petite Princes Furniture and many references through Google.

The furniture is what they call "Hollywood Regency" to me. It has an emphasis on antiquing and rich fabrics. Tony  Duquette ( )  perhaps?
Or like a bad LSD trip in a 60's furniture store... Your choice.

When I put mid-century into a search of furniture on ebay recently, I noticed Hollywood regency kept cropping up. Uh oh, I have blogged about how I grew up in Southern California in the '60's and am haunted by images of my Mom's swag lamps.

From ebay

I even found this one there a while ago that was the look in her bedroom, the gold one was in the livingroom... So Hollywood Regency was sort of the worst of the worst. Think Liz Taylor in a caftan entertaining Mia Farrow when she was married to Frank Sinatra. A time of excess. The Petite Princess furniture embodies that time to me with their lush fabrics and exaggerated forms.

(Update 3/23/11: RIP Elizabeth Taylor you were a great activist for championing AIDS/HIV when no one else would touch it.)

And the point is I confess... I started collecting it, Shhhhhh... don't tell anyone! Much more to follow.


  1. I am sorry I have got you started! I really love the quality of this stuff and I like using pieces of it here and there. It is really so bizarre and lovely. Good luck.

  2. Ha ha! It really is fun. They are truly outstanding in the field. C

  3. So gorgeous work!
    Really outsanding!

  4. I have a miniature coach like that but another collor, yellow, with a print.
    I just foud your blog, love what you can do with a little paint, love your collection.
    I am having a Give-Away, please cheque if like.

  5. OK, Going right over to visit. C

  6. I agree with LemonCadet. The quality of the Petite Princess furniture is wonderful. I would have loved it as a kid, but unfortunately I became acquainted with it only recently. I have four of the room boxes as well and I love the way the can be folded down and put away.
    Maria, I really like the couch you describe, but I haven't been able to find it yet. I have three or four of the green satin ones though.

  7. Well, goodness, let's make a trade in May for a satin couch! I don't have one yet.What do I have you want, or perhaps a nice California wine???? C

  8. Hmm maybe I'll have to do some research myself to find the right bottle...C

  9. I have some petit princess horse bookends and they are just so delicate and tiny, I really love them! And even though Hollywood regency isn't exactly my cup of tea, I like to look at and admire the quality fo the furniture. And they do have some really nice chairs!
    And it was a bit sad to hear about Liz Taylor, I have always admired her and her hiv/aids work.

  10. You are right Pubdoll, she led an incredible life. From National Velvet on.

    The Petite Princess furniture IS a bit rococco,
    but I'm in. I am collecting it now. I like how available and reasonable it is in the US, ay compared to Tynietoy or Gottschalk. Great fun.

  11. Oh My God!!! I had that sofa!!! Can you believe I had forgotten about it??? I also had a little white and gold secretary/hutch thing with working drawers and doors!!! But they were so obviously the wrong scale for my dollhouse I never really used them. It bothered me because I really liked the Glamor and the whole Princess idea.... but they looked ridiculous in my Lovely Old Dollhouse! I wonder where they went......
    Yeah, I admit I'm a sixties girl.....

  12. Hi daydreamer! The 60's was a great time to be a doll house girl!

    Now the Emerson is this smaller scale, I think all brinca dada dollhouses are. So now you cand have the best of 2011 and I guess furnish is in this, dare I say it, um, tacky style... LOL C

  13. Absolutely beautiful. I love quality!

  14. Hi Obscure Creations! They are certainly that! CM

  15. You're so right about the Hollywood Regency! Still, I love the occasional chair and the ottoman in any color I can get( I have the turqoize)and the lurex drum chair- in gold.
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hi Neomig! Are your dolls swimming yet? C