Thursday, March 10, 2011

Before & Afters

Pictures of furniture abandoned, unloved then restored or given TLC are great fun. It is always amazing what a little paint or modern fabric can do to revitalize furniture.

I think it is best to do the "after" picture first with minis and then reveal the "before" such as:

                                          The lamp after,

The lamp before

                                  and the computer "after"

the computer before. EEK!

I'm having fun cooking up more!
I think I will go post these on Flickr in Oese's Modern dollhouse -re -re-re, group (re as in repurposed) Cheers C

Credits: aqua couch vintage Barbie, Yellow and blue tension lamp, vintage Sindy found on ebayUK, Purple computer contemporary Gloria doll furniture. The scales on all these vary. Some could be easily used with 1/12 items such as the painting in the top picture by
Jo Searle, and the confetti pillows by minimodernista.


  1. These look great! You inspire me!

  2. EEEEK is right - that original TV is a shocker! All the makeovers are really great, they have a sophistication sadly lacking in the 'before' shots :)

  3. Yes Shale... but to do what? eh? (as they say in Canada)

    Hi, Norma! Glad your back hope you are feeling peachy.


  4. unos acertados cambios, han ganado mucho, están muy bonitos

  5. Gracias May! I am going to look at your site. CM

  6. Wow, They look fantastic in the pictures "after"! Did you paint the sofa? :)

  7. Hi Kikka! Yes I used spray paint made for plastic. It went from light blue to brown. xo C

  8. Hi!
    I have been following the news about Japan... and about the Tsunami... I Hope really from my heart that You`l be All right there!

  9. All the after are fantastic!
    Bye Fabiola

  10. Looks amazing, but please leave my old Barbie toys in the attic! XO!

  11. Kikka, I lived in Yokohama as a child and my Aunt lived in Komakura, so my heart is with the Japanese. The first thing I was taught as a child was that if you ever saw the water recede from the shore run up hill. It is something the Island lives with. C

  12. Thank you Fabiola. It is sooooooooooo much fun. CM

  13. Hi La petite! Don't worry, your are safe. Will your kids want an antique Barbie motorhome? xox Maman