Sunday, March 27, 2011

The (not so) elusive vinyl Mansion, see sidebar

Petite Princess and the urban myth.

 Because this dollhouse furniture was made for only one year the dollhouse that goes with is is hard to find. Have you seen it? Do you have one?

This vinyl version was better able to survive. This is from 1966 and 1967 sold through Sears. I think people who look at it think it is junk because the vinyl is just becoming antique now.


I love to play with pieces but I also get a kick out of having the miniatures in their real home.
I saw several vinyl houses on ebay so I decided to research them.

I used the Sear's Christmas Wish Books listed on a helpful website:  to search for the advertising of this dollhouse.

In the 1964 Wish book I found

I know just how that girl feels! Love the "pixie band".

the listings of the three cardboard roomboxes offered at the time. The living room, dining room and bedroom. So rococco!

                         Here is the 1966 Sears Christmas Book

From later books I found these vinyl houses,

check out the picture on the bottom of the page below of the Colonial Mansion.

 This one from 1969 showed a later version with the furniture, which was Petite Patti by then and made by Redbox in Hong Kong.

And check out this last black and white ad for a vinyl house from 1969, Cape Cod mod. $4.99.

 The hunt continues...

                       do you relate to vinyl dollhouses? Yet?  



  1. I want it ALL!! Maybe Sears still has some in stock. I will get my Mom to drive me into town to the Sears catalog desk at the dry cleaners and I will fill out the little form and ask them to send it in.
    In a few weeks I will have my very own Petite Princess treasures. What's that Mom? We can't afford it? But I will do the dishes every night and I won't ask Santa for anything at Christmas. Honest. Pleeesse Mom?

  2. Ha ha! Yes it takes us back!!! CM