Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is old is new again, or good design never dies...

Item # 170597034638 on ebay. Ending in about 3 days from now.
Love the chrome cylindrical base.

More from the same seller.

I think this are so attractive to me because everything was made out of cardboard when Barbie showed up at my house. Then pink plastic when my younger daughter had her.

You can go to Worthapedia. com to see what these items sold for.

Tell me this flagstone isn't back? AND (scary music) DRAPES!
Can sculpted wall-to-wall be far off...
When I was in college at UCLA I decorated my apartment with left over Danish Modern furniture from my family. It was JUST passe. And no apartment was complete without accessories from Design Research on Wilshire in Beverly Hills! Like one of those geometric hanging lamp kits made of wooden slats that took forever to glue.
Go here for vintage items:

How did I get into this???? I am NOT a Barbie collector. I'm way too cool... C


  1. I love this early Mattel furniture! The first sets were scaled for Ginny sized dolls (8"), but were way too sophisticated for a little girl. So far I have resisted adding it to my collection, but I am soooo tempted.
    But, I do have the early 60s Barbie Danish Modern set in the bottom picture, and the house. I'm not cool. lol. I have collected vintage Barbie since way before it was vintage. Maybe it's about time I featured some of the room settings in my blog.

  2. I like the side bar. I can just see the postings that will come up ....

    "Asian inspired Bespaq desk, For dollhouse or cake topper - very fragile - hand painted. Don't bite into it."

    "Antique gottschalk dollhouse bed, or cake topper - 100 years old - needs cleaning before you put it on your cake"

    I have used dollhouse furniture and other toys as cake toppers when doing the kids' birthday cakes all those years ago. I always tried to decorate their cakes with something they could play with after. They loved it!


  3. LOL! You are hilarious. Is it just you n me talking back and forth across the blogoverse?
    It SAYS a lot of people view this each day. Maybe everyone is to busy to comment?... C

  4. I have been enjoying your blog for some time. This post intrigued me! I still have my (now vintage) Barbie furniture, I grew up with 1957 Danish Modern, and - go figure - I am just starting on a 1959 dollhouse concept with, dare I say it, danish modern/modern furniture. My mom still has the Danish Modern and as much as I shunned it growing up I told her I wanted it when she decided to get rid of it. yes, everything old is new again! Sandra

  5. Thanks, Catlover. I'd love to see your scene or your vintage furniture. C

  6. Not too much to show yet except an East Side Town House sitting in pieces on my dining room table.

    I am just starting to get back into miniatures after a long hiatus and have been working on - dare I say it - smaller projects. You can some of them here: