Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is this modern? What do you think?

I am showing Marx dollhouses next month on my collection blog:

Is Marx Modern? What do you think? Mid century is so hip right now but what is this considered?

Marx houses in Martha Stewart Living Magazine, this month's issue in an article about collecting. Trendy. Tin litho, and steel houses are just becoming old enough to appear more interesting than junky.

Of course, what I consider an antique, and what my elder assistant (26) considers antique is very different.

It also amuses me when my 4yr old granddaughter walks up to my MH1 and points to all the rement items familiar to her... "Oh a bottle of water.. oh, a celly ( baby talk for cell phone), oh controlls... (tv remote) ". 

One day she asked me what the phone jack on the wall was for in my own house. I found myself saying, "Well, in the olden days phones came out of the wall on cords..." She looked at me blankly.

The more things change, the more different they are... to me. C


  1. That is so funny- do they make mini pagers? They were sooo cool in middle school!

  2. It doesn't seem modern to me....

  3. What would you call it? People put Marx in the "Modern Dollhouse" group on Flickr. C

  4. I think Marx could be modern in the dollhouse world in comparison to all the Victorians out there. But, when I sold my Marx on eBay, I classified it as vintage in the toy sense. I would also consider Marx more retro than contemporary. I guess it really is in a category all its own of Mid-Century Modern. :-)

  5. I think they called this house Colonial. The rifle over the fireplace fits right in with Colonial. Davy Crockett can grab it and run out to shot himself a 'baar' - or a new raccoon for his hat. lol


  6. Really! Too sterotyed. We just don't put rifles over our mantles here in Berkeley... You always make me laugh! C

  7. I think you are right catzlover, It is closer to modern than say a Gottschalk. It is funny how mid century is back in so it looks more modern than it is."Vintage" is perfect for the distinction.
    When will the 1970's be back in style? That I want to see. The '60 are easy to copy because they were so extreme. But I'm not clear on the '70s. Was it padded shoulders and Dynasty??? I could do that in my Barbie house. Ralph Lauren? :) C