Sunday, February 13, 2011

It was a wild morning

My assistant and her assistant went to work on the Imaginarium doll house.

                           Barbie was excited. The structure is sturdy. Notice the stairs and elevator.

Just one little packet of screws is missing. So the roof will have to wait. I wonder where it is. The furniture that came with the house is well made. It is sturdy and the bases are large so little fingers do not knock them over. 

Notice the graphic of a modern sink?

The furniture is sturdy.

The 4 yr old put this together. Slid the steps on the dowel, only one way to go, and we clicked it together. Then she ran around her house brandishing it with glee. It stayed together. We were amazed.

What is it with shag rugs, compare this with the one in the Eagle Hexagon house from the 1950's pictured below.

from the Eagle Hexagon dollhouse

                         Barbie is resting peacefully. Happy Pink Valentine's day!
  My little assistant likes it sooooo much more than the Gottschalk, Phew!  C and Co.


  1. Well, that will keep the Gottachalk safe from little fingers. Although I must say that my big fingers are no friend to fragile dollhouses either. They are always knocking something out of place.
    I like that your assistant has an assistant. That is as it should be.
    Happy Valentine's day to you and all the assistants.

  2. And I am my assistant's assistant's assistant, which just shows you what goes around, comes around! C

  3. Why does Barbie always gets an elevator? Is it really hard to walk a flight of stairs in those shoes?
    The shag carpets are hilarious. Somethings never change.