Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Take 5

 I decided to try these spherical lamps in my 1950's Eagle hexagon doll house. 
 For more information go to http://Myrealitty.blogspot.com/ to learn about this wonderful mini house. Be sure to listen to Miles Davis and Oliver Nelson while doing so.
 Love the flooring... love the faux bois.

What is this art on the living room wall? A heart monitor chart?

Abstract, much.

credits: minimodernista spherical lamps, Spot On couch and chair,and tv, in 1950's Eagle Hexagon House.


  1. Just have to say again: Love all this!
    Where do you find all these lovely things...??

  2. Hi Minnie (cute name!) Kithen, I can't believe how nurdy these ool guys look! Suits! C

  3. Hi Kikka, well, I've been collecting for 30 years... Ebay is a godsend as California has very few antiques. Though I must say it cracks me up when some one lists "antique doll" and it is a Barbie. I guess over 50 years counts.
    And God Bless all the brave English people who agreed to mail their items to the West Coast. C

  4. Cool furniture, mood lighting, classic jazz. I am ready for my martini (as I settle into the arm chair and enjoy the heart monitor art.)

  5. LOL is that all that's left for this vintage gal?

  6. Very cool. Love the red furniture, wish i could have those in my 1:1 house!

  7. Ha even the mini ones are budget busting! C