Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Problem with Collecting...

I love antique toys from England. I had a nice little Barrett and Sons "cooker" that was minus the oven door and top rack. Then one showed up on ebay. It took 4 years from the time I found my first one for another to show up.

Left new, right old. 

I don't have a house for them right now. My house from the appropriate era has a Brimtoy kitchen in it, but what is a Collector to do? Improve her collection I think.
I better check with Rebecca of Rebecca's Collections to make sure I have identified this correctly. 
Cheers CM


  1. This is such a cute stove. Great for a dollhouse, but I'm glad I don't have to cook on a full sized one. lol
    But that wouldn't happen because I just remembered that I don't cook.

  2. Well... they didn't have microwaves... a loaf of bread and a jug of wine...CM

  3. I like your little vintage stove. What will you do with the one without the oven door? Will you make a new one for it or just leave it as is, in your collection?


  4. I will save it and if anyone needs parts give it to them, I only need one. C

  5. ohhh so beautiful ^^

    I follow :)


  6. Hi Sandra.Thanks. I don't have it in a scene, I just love it for itself. C