Thursday, February 19, 2015

Design Trends

The first sign! We were just talking about the likelihood of 1970's style raising it's lovely head last week. It was 45 years ago!
Where did I find this harbinger of change?

from Retro Planets blog
Décor Accessories
Lighting was innovative and new design solutions included the lava lamp, arc floor lamp in chrome and large, white globe lamps. Chrome and plastic were the most popular materials for lighting. In contrast, accessories made of macramé were also fashionable, such as hanging plant holders and wall hangings.
1970s Interior Design

Potted trees and floor pillows became popular in the 1970s.

So my question is which dollhouses represent this best?
1970s wall décor was modern, with abstract paintings and sculptures being preferred. Paneling was used on the walls of family rooms and rec rooms. There were also unexpected outdoor materials used for interior walls, such as brick and cedar shingles.
Bold, foiled wallpapers adorned kitchens and bathrooms. A single large wall may have been covered with a wallpaper mural depicting a scene from nature done in natural colors, creating a contrasting backdrop to the modern furniture and accessories in the room.
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And which dollhouses typify this '70s style?

Tomys smaller homes and Lundby?

On ebay from seller: ilovetomy
OK one trend I do hope returns is the Navy Blazer. I hope Kate Middleton brings it back, With jeans.

and yes Ralph Lauren won the 1970 Coty fashion design award and is responsible for the Annie Hall look. Let me know the minute you see any more of this 1970 comeback. 

Cheers, CM

UPDATE: 2/21/15


  1. While I love 1970s dollhouse items, I was never a fan of 70s fashions even when I originally wore them. I'd much rather see the 1930s style come back. But then I always say "Chacun a son Goût."

  2. Oh you are so Continental! Just remember when discussing the '70s, At last Wikipedia gives us the final word, it's Ralph Lor' n. Not Ralph laur EN'. Just though you'd want to know.. C

  3. For those of us who were kids in the 70's,,the 70's fashion coming back is a little scary.I grew up with the foil wallpaper in our hallway too. Let's just hope that harvest gold, avocado and brown are not coming back. It's not bad as long as it's updated with great colors!

  4. Hi Mad for Mod, They say an antique is anything older than 50 years. I graduated from High school in 1970 and my head was really back in the 60's for quite some time. I was a hippie living on the Russian River in Northern California.
    San Francisco rocked. Well... Not ready to do the 70's again. When were padded shoulders? CM

    1. I think padded shoulders were introduced in the 80s, and they kept getting bigger and bigger until women looked like football players. I dislike most interior designs from the 70s, and architecture. My dislike may stem from the colors, they seem so false. I think design in the 1970s floundered. There was an attempt to be modern in architecture, but seventies modern does not have the excitement of modernism in the 1920s, 30s, 50s and 60s.

  5. Shale really impressed with your french punctuation.

  6. Let me know who uses foil wall paper in their new models first! CM