Friday, February 13, 2015

Mid Century Modern, Well I don't MEAN to blog but there is stuff to notice!

I am on my email and here is an add today from Joss&Main. And I admire it.

Then I look over at my favorite shelf of collected furniture and there is this:

And I thought, "That looks familiar".

I had purchased it on German ebay several years ago as an antique, over 50 years old. I was going to store  it in the Albin Schnorherr house but now I think I may keep it in my MH1, my most modern house as it is so contemporary.

Which I used in this scene of other German Furniture from that era
plus a little minimodernista in the lamp, room divider and pillow, and Texas tiny in the Buddah, and maybe a Strombecker floor lamp.
That's me with my camera unwittingly taking my portrait in the mirror. So that add reminded me how much I like this chair and I think I just might have to play with it some today. Well that's what it is like being a mini collector! Cheers CM


  1. I have a pair the same chairs but they are all blue. I used them last in my Hall's Lifetime house that I found when I was visiting you.
    I agree that they would fit in a modern house perfectly. Good style is always in vogue.

  2. Well than you are even More like the add. Where did you find yours? CM

  3. I got them on eBay, but I can't remember whether it was US eBay or German eBay. I have a lot of German furniture.

  4. The chair does fit perfectly into contemporary scenes. Don't you find that more and more mid century designs come back later with a little twist? Shale's right - good design is timeless

  5. We are enamored with mid century, I just hope the'70s doesn't start looking good...

  6. I agree, good design stands the test of time. Even the mid-century German pieces look modern. MCM is back and I think it's here for awhile. ;-)