Sunday, February 15, 2015

The girl can't help it!

As I am waiting, poor little American that I am, for one more hour to pass until I get to see the next episode of Downton Abbey... I came across this

Which brought me to my little pile of Spot Ons.
1/16th scale

I guess I just love all things English.  And saying that WHEN do we get to see the Cumberbatch marriage photos. Yes I am a Cumber Nana, and I AM Sherlocked.  Are you?

 Kleidescope House wall art, spot on buffet with books and red chair behind table, Dol toi table, Marx plastic brown chairs, minimodernista ceiling lamps.

DDR era German red spotted floor lampand mantle clock, Spot on furniture, Kage fireplace Kleidescope house urn, baby block central table, Spot on TV, Grecon dolls and minimodernista ribbon lamp, contemporary treen coffee cup.
Shown in my Canadian made Eagle 1950's dollhouse that came on wheels!

I have always loved that printed on shag carpet.

For more info go here:

 Marketed as Jenny's Home by Spot on.

Love this room box, do not have one. If you have any other places to see spot on, past posts etc. Please share. 

Forty minutes to go, Sigh. CM


  1. I love the Spot On Triang furniture. My grandfather bought me a few pieces from the news shop on the corner of his street in London. I loved that shop, it was full of magazines, sweets, and doll house furniture. Unfortunately, I no longer have the furniture he bought me, and I always lose the bids on eBay. I love this post!

  2. I love it when dollhouse furniture looks like full sized furniture. I think that's one of the joys of collecting it. Perfect little worlds where the dog never leaves mud stains on the couch or the cat never sharpens its claws on the chair and rips out the padding. Not to mention what a toddler can do to your furniture. Love your pictures!

  3. Thanks Shale, So true except mine get giant size dust.;0 CM 1/1 .dust