Monday, April 14, 2014

Nothing like a big miniature auction to get one going...

If you watched the Bertolia Auctions you know what I mean... sigh, it was a barrage of antiques from the dollhouse books author and Washington D.C. collector Flora Gill Jacobs.

Meanwhile I looked through 3,000 items of Garden miniatures on ebay and here is what I would buy for my modern houses if I were home. Let me just point out there are lots of garden items made, from Fisher Price to China.

                        Offered by Shop Nana Finds  (not me)
Miniaturists are also so clever to capture the lates style.  
                  Offered by Melody Janes Doll Houses, England.

Fairy Gardens are in, oh I mean faerie gardens. Too twee for me, but really well done.
                                  Offered by fairyvillages.

 Cheers CM


  1. I can see why these are on your wishlist :) Really like the square pots.

  2. Hi Mona, they would look so good with my MiniHouse I by Wes Christianson. CM

  3. The last creation is fabulous!