Saturday, April 19, 2014



Look what came to visit.  Gottschalk roomboxes. My doll "Rosemary" hopped in to try one out.  Why are they "visiting"? 

Well... Some friends arrive with car trunks like this. Some dollhouses that were borrowed until better ones came along were returned. Some had to be picked up from auctioneers that are in this state. 

And then some more had to be purchased after an exhausting day of scouring local antique malls. You know how some collectors just seem to draw dollhouse treasures to them? And they are the best to go dollhouse looking with.

Loot.  I had just mentioned to my friends how I needed a small metal cart for the Tynietoy Townhouse dining room and bingo! There it was. Then I found Tynietoy dining room chairs for $8.00 each! Unbelievable. And trunks for my attics. Suddenly they were everywhere. Some people just bring you luck. 
But more about Gottschalk, as soon as I download my photos AND
recover. I forgot how many miles one can cover in these malls.  CM


  1. Gorgeous! Rosemary is so lucky to be able to see this house in person!

  2. Just to visit? Look forward to more pics :-)

  3. Hi Shale, Rosemary is eyeing them. She will be impossible when they leave with their owners. CM

  4. Rebecca, I am visiting my Assistant who is living in the antiqueing capitol of America. CM

  5. Wow! Oh to have friends who arrive with car trunks packed like that - and then exchange one dolls house for another!!! Not going to happen while I live in Darwin! The only car I've seen that looked anything like this was my own - and the houses were much, much younger!
    How thrilling to find the Tynietoy pieces! Look forward to more about Gottschalk, when you've recovered.

    ps So nice to have you back in the world of online 12th (and other) scale miniatures, after your time spent with miniature humans and their parents ;-)

  6. Sounds amazing! I can't wait to hear the full story.