Monday, June 13, 2011

Phantom Chair

            I remember why I started this 1/6 scale  "I house" project.
       Designer chairs! This Phantom chair only comes in 1/6 scale.

                                                           I love it in the I House!
Credits: Couch and coffee table, "put together" vintage Barbie furniture with pad I made, recycled shampoo top planters with Michael's plastic greenery, note pad page for rug, Mighty World cup, plate coffee pot. Antique metal urns, vintage black lattice 1950's dollhouse wood balconey, Barbie TV. Styrafoam packing piece for alcove.

Credits for artwork: Large piece on left, Bozart.
Top and lower right modern art, Imagination house frames with pieces of a National Gallery flyer cut up to fit the frames.
Lower middle: Imagination House with original print.
Upper right: vintage '50's, I think.

Notice antique black metal urns.
These are some recent additions. Princess Patti (left) 1960's Made in Japan yellow plastic Eames chair, I spray painted orange and black (middle) and the Phantom chair 1/6 scale (right).

The funny thing about the orange chair is it was listed in a Barbie lot so I thought it would be bigger. It fits in with the vintage Mattel wooden Barbie set because it is slightly closer to 1/12 size. Size matters...

The only problem with the 1/6 is THEY ARE SO BIG! And I keep tripping over them. I am considering spray painting the couch and coffee table black... What do you think?  Cheers! CM


  1. Yes, the designer chairs is a very good reason to use the 1:6 scale, too bad the vitra ones are so expensive. The vintage 50's painting is either by Lundby or Barton.

  2. I really like the go-together furniture in white with the black and white upholstery. But then It would probably look great painted black. It might add more contrast. You will have to decide. I love the urns. they add that wonderful 1960s-1970s decorator touch. The green textured wall is a perfect accent, as is the recessed wall. Great job!!

  3. Hi, Pubdoll. Yes too bad Vitra is so expensive!
    It is hard to buy a chair that is as cotly as a real one. CM

  4. Hi Shale! Thanks! Yes I love the urns too! New toys are such fun. Thanks C