Saturday, June 18, 2011

The most ridiculous part of building you own dollhouse is

that it keeps collapsing on itself. The part of the I House made by Imaginarium is sturdy and play worthy. The pool extension and front door and family room I added keep falling over. Even just passing by can cause an earth quake. It's more like building a tower of blocks than a house. I need a nail gun, that's all I'm saying.

                         I house livingroom: I cannot EVEN imagine manufacturing, shipping, marketing and
the customer service involved with making a mini house! Most custom one's made of wood are so heavy shipping must be an issue. How difficult to check every box correctly.

The scale issue is a pain too. These made in Japan yellow plastic chairs were offered as Barbie size! Not. They are barely 1/12. They fit in with the Mattel vintage wooden Barbie furniture because that is not truly 1/6 either. I had to spray paint them orange and black... I HAD to.

                              A little "behind the scene" shot.

Credits: Mattel wooden vintage tables, couch and buffet. pinchopepper white tension lamp. Orange Jonathan Adler Barbie big lamp (repainted). Japanese made vintage Eames chairs (repainted) Purse made in Peru from Shale, Black boxes on table from Modern MC, planters shampoo bottle tops and makeup bottle top. Greenery from Michael's. Mexican carved pot and terracotta pot from ebay. Area rug and shell on a stand, Minimodernista. Back drop, old painting. Woven planter, napkin ring.

Cheers, CM


  1. The chairs look much better orange. And, ...falling-over miniature scenes have been the bain of my existence for more decades than I can count. They fell over when I was a child. They fell over when my daughter was little. And they fall over daily now that I am in my second childhood. But, I am either stubborn or a slow learner, because I just keep setting up those mini scenes and think they will stay put. You go girl!! I'm sure ours will stay put someday.

  2. OK, I like you attitude. I'll just keep rebuilding! C

  3. I definitely prefer the chairs orange *nods*. I sooooo hate it when something is advertised in a certain scale and then you find it's something completely different when you buy it. There are just too many companies out there that sell poorly scaled items. Thank goodness we're so versatile.

    Glue gun...that's all I'm saying =0D

  4. Thanks Pepper. I even have trouble when it is in cms. I am a straight inches person. C