Friday, June 24, 2011

OMG My camera broke!

shell house by Kotaro Ide from Artechnic

 So last night I made this really cool graphic style pillow to go on this hot pink Barbie couch in faux bamboo which I had spray painted black.
AND when I went to photograph it I found out my camera was broken! The viewfinder was white...
I know in the end this will be good for me forcing me to buy a better camera, but for now I am empty, a lost soul, bereft of expressing myself.
This picture above is a summer/winter house built in Japan to withstand cold and hot weather. It is self contained and beautiful in it's simplicity in the natural setting.

This chaise is by Karim Rashid.
I love its sleek shape. I am tempted to start slicing paper towel rolls to achieve this look in 1/6 scale. Looking at these two oval inspired artifacts makes me feel better. Consider this therapy through design.

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