Sunday, July 25, 2010

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Thank you Mini Dork for arranging a lunch at Samovar restaurant at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco today.  We met Mini 2 be (pictured right) . She brought her new Paris Renfroe SLICE Tilt coffee table, Minidork brought the Bozart white couch and tea set and Shale brought Daphne and I brought Colette. So... naturally we made a scene in the restaurant. 
Then we went over to the Museum Store to look for mini decor.(Pictures by Susan Hale)We also saw art...We loved this installation by William Christenberry
from 1982 of Depression Era buildings. We all felt right at home.
What a glorious day!


  1. Oh what fun ladies! I had a blast. It was so nice meeting both mini2b and Susan, and great to see you again Carol!!

    CM - I'm going to the Tom Bishop show in SF, Friday night, July 30th. I'll be there around 8pm. (it goes from 7pm-9:30pm Friday and 10am-4pm Saturday)

  2. Thanks for sharing your get-together! It is so cool people are meeting up around the world for modern mini fun. Wish I could come to the show next week :(

  3. You need a lear jet with your logo on the tail! C

  4. Daphne loved the ultra-modern furniture in the tea room, especially the white couch and metal coffee table. She and Colette had the nicest table in the place.

    She was so happy to tour SFMOMA with Colette and improve her art sense.

    Susan loved it all too and was so happy to meet Mini-Dork and Mini2Be. What a wonderful day!

    Thanks Mini-Dork for arranging it all.


  5. Shale is right MD, a good time was had by all. C

  6. So nice to see pictures of both the 1:1 girls and 1:12 ones :-) Paris Renfroe's SLICE Tilt coffeetable is gorgeous, lucky Daphne and Colette who got to have coffee on it!