Monday, July 5, 2010

Add a Minimodernistas couch with a pinch of confetti

OK! So I'm an impatient cook!


  1. This is so cute!

    I seem to have been missing out on recent post notifications from here, glad to have got this one!

    Make sure you come over to my blog if you haven't seen my giveaways - I think this couch has a little cousin over there ;)

  2. And... and... what's next? I want to see the room!! Quit teasing us, or else I'll just drive over and see it in person. :D

  3. Mmmm... let's see. It involves a conversation with Peter Tucker...C

  4. Ooooo, now I'm even more excited. How long are we going to have to wait? The anticipation is killing me.

  5. D'oh! Forgot to hit refresh to see your new post. LOVE THE LAMPS!