Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PDR 4 MH1, is this a secret code?

Here is the picture of the new PDR Kitchen installed in the MH1.
If you don't know the code it means this incredible kitchen is made by Paris Renfroe Designs.

and I put it in my MiniHouse1 by Wes Christensen.

There is a contemporary French door refrigerator, unknown maker,
vintage DDR flooring that came with a German roombox kitchen, Delph miniatures Windex bottle and espresso machine.
Minimodernista ribbon and gold hanging lamps and white circular table with gray barrel chairs.
Comtemporary manufacturer of bottled water on counter.
Vintage cup on shelf. CM 

                   this kitchen is between the home office and the new brown and maybe orange or lime or tourquoise accented family room.


  1. Eso si que es una cocina, que maravilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gracias por la fotografia.

  2. Gracias guys, I have so much gray and stainless I think it needs some pop. C

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your Modern Furnishings.