Friday, July 23, 2010


As you may know by now, my main designer is Minimodernistas. I am branching out with other designers but her modern style just suits me. When I saw her pillows I had to add to the ones I had. Oh look there are people in this picture. Why it's Colette with her friend visiting from Canada, Daphne. Oh they are googling maps of wineries in Napa.Love these confetti pillows in the barrel chairs.
I loaned my camera to both of my daughters for their vacations and the little door covering the battery and chip was lost... Hence the absence of pictures on this blog,(No I wasn't off in Tahati...)
My friend Susan Hale rescued me so I could take these. My camera part is supposed to arrive any minute and I am borrowing my son in law's camera for a bit of a jaunt today! Cheers CM


  1. Love the pillows! Minimodernistas designs are gorgeous. I am going to have a look ans see what she has. I am sure Daphne will want some modern furniture now that she has seem Colette's house.


  2. I love your colourful pillows with stripes, and I'm still a bit envious of your Noguchi table.
    Daphne and Colette seems to have hit it off well, sitting and browsing the net together they look like they have been friends for ages :-)

  3. The pillows look perfect there. Have you seen minibydesign on etsy, he makes things similar to your table there.

    You girls have fun! :)

  4. Thanks Dale! We sure are! It's like we've known each other forever! C

  5. Han hecho una buena amistad, las miniaturas unen mucho jejeje
    Me encanta tus muebles y detalles tan modernos.
    besitos ascension

  6. Hello,
    So glad you are a fan of the pillows. Have been fixated on them lately and will have more on ebay tonight. Never thought to use them with the Barrel chair...very clever!

  7. Were your ears burning? We talked about you today at SFMOMA. We are all your devotees! C