Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reason to Celebrate!

We have reason to celebrate: go to  

For details of the conclusion of the Mysterious Maine Tynietoy Townhouse Mercantile Mismanagement 

I feel like Erin Brokovich and hope Helen Mirren plays me in the movie. ;)   

I also do not encourage children to drink but my sophisticated Little Assistant has been to restaurants in San Francisco where she has been asked if she wanted a "Shirley Temple". Not knowing who Shirley Temple was... Not caring for 7 up nor mariscino cherries this baby of the Foodie generation found it too sweet.

So coming from the 1950's myself in this mid century decor loving Mad Men watching world I created and am introducing as
founder the new Child proof cocktail:
The Katy Perry.

It consists of lemonade, ice cubes, and a dash of blue food coloring. (you may substitute blue berry juice or any thing blue but Curacao which contains alcohol.)
She chose to stir it, not shake it as we were using her Mother's seriously heavy crystal cocktail shaker.
I wetted the glass rim and tried to coat the edge with left over blue cookie decorating sprinkles but that just didn't fly.

So Cheers from California to Toronto for showing Auction Houses we will not be played. CM


  1. Bravo to you for helping Susan during such a difficult time. I am amazed at how supportive miniaturists are of each other...I've yet to see that in most other communities.

  2. We are the champions!! I feel like we have had a major victory, even though nothing has changed. But, I don't like to be bullied and fighting back with results feels great!!

    Blue cookie sprinkles ... That is so funny...

  3. True that Anna. The best things come in small packages! C

  4. Shale as a miniaturist you know we use what is at hand for special effects...(cookie sprinkles)

    I am kind of amazed and pleased how Maine took our complaint seriously and how much they fined the auction house. The other interesting thing is how all the communication was recorded on email and then your email to me describing it dated, corroborating the actions. No "he said she said" with email. Just the facts mam. C