Thursday, May 23, 2013

Doll Human cloning! I'm in.

                                From the Huffington Post

Read this article:

A doll company can replicate an exact face on a doll. Whoa! Like it? Of course this is not totally new. When I was little and we lived in Yokohama, Japan we had Kokeshi dolls that had our faces painted on by an artist. My kimono was pink. 

Do you remember the story when my daughter, My Assistant went to her Iranian pals house from Cal and met her mother? The Mother asked what I did and my daughter replied, "she makes scenes with little dolls". The mother who spoke limited English replied mystified, "Like Voo Doo?"   

Well with these dolls, Wikens practice your skills. CM


  1. You can get a miniature bobble head replica of yourself for under $100, this is too high a price. Imagine little replicas of your family living in a replica of your house, hmmm, maybe with even smaller replicas?

  2. Very Escher of you. Bobble heads? Way cool. C