Sunday, April 7, 2013

If you watched the opening season of Mad Men did you see the mini commercial???

 There I was soaking up all the mid century design and along came a commercial using mini furniture.

Pretty funny in a show about an innovative ad firm.
The plot was a guy walks up to his buddies in the park who were enjoying a ball game on tv.

 Which was his cell phone sitting on a miniature piece of living room furniture.
He took his nachos out of a mini stove.

 And opened his mini refrigerator to toss his buddy a mini can of beer!
Illustrating how the picture on his cell phone was as good as being in his own livingroom.
OK! Good add, point made by 1 800 watch tv. Made me sit up and notice. Would love to see the guy pitching that one...

What does this remind me of? A 2009 post I did of Mitchymoo's work from flickr.
Someone else used cellphones as tvs. Do you remember who? Hmmm I think PDR made an ipod station that looked like a tv wall unit, I better go check. 
 Thanks, CM


  1. Hi Kikka, wish I could miniaturize the shows sets too. CM

  2. I saw that and thought of you! Minis are taking over!

  3. Ha ha I'd love to know how it came about!!!! Hire me, hire me... CM

  4. I love that comercial...especially when the guy burns his hand taking food out of the little oven. And of course i watched Mad Men, I'm totally obsessed!

  5. I have seen this commercial--and thought it was funny!

  6. Hi Modern MC. Wouldn't you just love to know how it got suggested??? When Megan gets back from NY let get together and view her new collection. I saw a pic on Pinterest today of her at my house years ago, I guess someone saw it on flickr? CM

  7. PS. There is a giveaway in my blog :) ....

  8. I didn't see the ad (I watch very little TV), but what a cute idea!

    I use my iPod as a TV in my French townhouse - and was inspired by, who uses her iPhone as a TV in her dollhouse. (I turned an old pair of earbuds into speakers and permanently installed them into the wall so it would have sound.)

  9. Hi Anna, it must have been hers, I love Eloise Moorehead. Thanks CM