Friday, December 14, 2012

San Francisco Open your Golden Gate: Mini Jazzi is here

(keeping it lite tonight)
When you land at San Francisco International you make a pass over the cities by the Bay and come  up the Bay from San Jose in the south to SFO.
You get quite low to the water, then suddenly the runway appears.

Mini Jazzi collects her luggage and suddenly a woman comes up and says "Jazzi?"

 They hug and she introduces herself, "I'm Colette and I am so glad you are here!. Let me take your bag... I'm parked in the structure". So they drive over the Bay Bridge to the next home Mini Jazzi will visit in the Oakland Hills.

This is the house it is called the Mini House 1 by architect Wes Christensen (see more on flickr)  it is just under 1:12 scale.

Minimodernista table and barrel chairs, Delph miniatures espresso machine, Paris Renfroe kitchen set, Mighty World coffee maker, and Hobbe Shop stainless steel french door refrigerator.
They come in through the kitchen... Colette asks Mini Jazzi if she is hungry. She isn't yet.

Elf sink and towel bars, Tomy Modern homes toilet, Rement toiletries
                 This is the bathroom. It is off the Family room.
Bozart couch and side table, plant arrangement by Mini Dork. Vintage '70s Shackman Christmas tree. Fireplace screen, plastic  from a nightlight. 

 Colette settles Mini Jazzi and they chat. "Oh here is my daughter, Kate, Come meet my friend from down under!" she calls

"Hi, nice to meet you" says Kate. "I'm going to Tahoe so you can stay in my room, Come on, I'll show you."

 "I know my Mom has, like a lot of cultural and touristy stuff to show you, cuz like, I heard her talking to her friends. But when I get back we'll go to the Fillmore and stuff like that, if you want." Kate offered.
Mini Jazzi said" Like sure!" and kicked off her shoes. "You can use my laptop if you want. Oh yeah, my Mom has a hot tub too and you can see the Golden Gate Bridge from it", finished Kate. Mini Jazzi thought she might like, LIKE the Bay area. 

The goods: Bouloum chair by Mitchymoo, Minimodernista chair and hanging lamps, post card art, Bozart futon bed, contemporary shelf with drawers removed for tansu shelving, Jonathan Adler Barbie vase. DDR German lamp, Paris Renfroe Naguchi coffee table. like, eclectic!

More to follow. :) LCM

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  1. Great post! and great to get another perspective on the MH1. The approach to Sydney airport is also low over the water! Looks familiar.
    Look forward to seeing more of the 'cultural and touristy stuff', plus learning about what the 'Fillmore and stuff' is!

  2. Hi Rebecca, all Australians Mini aficianados are like, welcome to visit here!!! CM

  3. It looks like another great adventure for MJ! I can't wait to see what she see while in the Bay area!

  4. Hi Teresa, there is a LOT to squeeze in!!! C

  5. There is a pop up store that just opened up at 311 N. Edinburgh Ave. West Hollywood, CA that is having a blowout sale on 13 different accessory units for the Kaleidoscope House collection right now for $5-$10 each. I bought several units already, but there are plenty more. Their sign says they are only going to be there until Christmas!

  6. Wow wish I was there! Tell Santa! CM

  7. Lucky MJ, she gets to spend Christmas in California!

  8. What a wondeful modern house!!! MJ is having a blast, I'm sure. :)

  9. What fun. Mini Jazzi is welcome to leave beautiful California and come to snowy Toronto if she is up for it.

  10. Hi My realitty,

    I luvvv your house. I visited family in the area while I spent a month in the Bay area. I hear Coming to America was filmed in the hills. Show that house! Show that house! LOL
    Thanks for sharing the fun you and MJ are having.

  11. Thanks grandmommy, I love your moniker. C

  12. Shale she is headed for the midwest! C