Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Everyone in our houses is busy getting ready for the Holidays. 
That means I have my tree up, need new lights, and have it surrounded with 5 dollhouses. The reason why will become clear.

Meanwhile I saw this note my Little Assistant was working on to Santa. I was impressed by the preponderance of doll requests but
could not figure out the last item.
Yunckn?  I asked her what it was and she said she didn't remember. She said "Santa will know".  Oh dear....

 Then I remembered her telling me one of her words is you,
Y-O-U.  So with that clue we can deduce it reads Unicorn. And sure enough there is a unicorn nightlight she admires.

Her school is very focused on Food Drives, so that is a big part of our holidays too. What are you doing? My living room is a mess and we have been having rain storms here in Northern California so the outdoors is covered with pine needles!
                                       Work in Progress

If you're looking for a Plastic Santa as I am for one of my houses, you will be glad to know there are 6,445 listed at the moment on ebay. You will be relieved to know there are only 3,549 vintage plastic Santas. 
Cheers, CM


  1. Hello from Spain: I just discovered your blog and became a follower. My blog does not published my photo ID but I am martamozo. I also collect dolls and I have a blog dedicated to Barbie invite you to visit: If you want to keep in touch from blog to blog. I love this Christmas scene.

  2. Good there is more to come. I will go to your blog too! CM

  3. Lovely ideas Carol...looking forward to the follow up post! xx

  4. Waiting for an exciting Christmas! CM

  5. Hmm, that Santa looks a little unsteady on his feet! Can we see his face? Just kidding. Did you know unicorns show up as fables in most cultures? Makes me wonder.....

    Cheers, Neen

  6. Oh I think you will be seeing Santa up close but NOW I just noticed he's lost a glove! Oh deer!

    Well there were Narwhales, right? CM

  7. It looks like Santa is having some issues...too much egg nog perhaps? My boys just discovered a lovely item online-unicorn meat. Be sure not to mix up the two. LOL!

  8. I like this Christmas scene.
    Bye Fbay