Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Stress?

Too much to do? Too little time? Well, you have NOTHING on the Claus family. 
What is that look on Mrs. Clause's face? She always makes the best cookies. And rum balls. She looks a little annoyed. 

I think it's Santa. His hat and beard came off this year and his glasses are missing. He looks like he is wearing "guyliner" like 
Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.  (It's because he is a cheap rubber doll).

         "Get it together, Santa" Mrs Claus barked. And really they are in an antique German Kitchen roombox. The deer are worried.

Oh no, Wait till Mrs. Claus turns around and sees that! She will just tuck that right under his belt like it was when he came out of the box. She has no time for nonsense! And neither do you!

          She smoothed down his hat and patted him on the back.(Does
anyone know her first name, by the way?)

              Now Santa, You can do it, you make it every year
                                            And so will you.    ;)     C

Update: "Hey Santa", said Mrs. Clause, "there is a new package over at Myrealitty, did you send it?" "Gee, not that I remember" he said scratching his head...


  1. I like these scenes.
    For Claus family Christmas is full of work.
    Bye Faby

  2. Haha! This is hilarious! And Mrs. Claus does look annoyed!

  3. I was wondering what Johnny Depp was up to these days!

  4. Wait, Mrs Santa over Valerie Paradise? It must be the cooking. C

  5. I understand Mrs. Claus's annoyance. Christmas is busy enough without someone underfoot. Oh wait, shouldn't Santa be the busy one? He looks like he has had a few drinks. I hope Mrs. Claus gets him back on track. I want my presents!

    Love the pictures and the German kitchen!!

  6. Sounds like you got yours at the Flea Market already!!! C