Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yes we did! United we stand.

               Well, he is an action figure, wouldn't you know it?

            Mrs. Obama, by Franklin MInt, a well made doll.

Cute Sasha and Malia dolls. All these can be found on ebay right now. O Happy day. CM


  1. Four more years! Four more years! Yay!!

  2. Shale you are an honorary American even if you sspell color with a "u". C

  3. Yay Kikka, WE are so happy. I am proud our election could not be bought by Karl Rove and the Koch (pronounced coke) Brothers. CM

  4. Very happy in Australia, too! I do hope that the House doesn't decide to block everything Obama puts to it, as some FB comments I've read today have suggested. Some people just aren't rational about Obama at all :-(
    Amazing figures / dolls! If they made Romney ones, did they do the whole family, do you suppose? in-laws as well?

  5. I think if the teabaggers drag their feet it will be the death knell for them. They will be let go in the midterm votes. C

  6. Fantastic family!
    Congratulations!!! I'm very happy for the victory of Obama.
    Bye Faby

  7. YES, we did! I loved seeing people of all kinds celebrating in Chicago on election night. Just shows he is truly a man of the people.
    And...I did not have to move to Canada. Not that I don't love Canada.

    1. Did you see all the people who were planning to move to Canada or Australia if Romney lost? Especially the one who tweeted that she was moving to Australia because our president was a Christian who actually supports what he says? Many people were happy to inform her that our Prime Minister is a woman, an atheist, and not married to her (male) partner. Also, that we have universal healthcare, restrictions on gun ownership, teach evolution in schools, and have compulsory superannuation - and compulsory voting!! and elections are run by the federal Electoral Commission!

  8. Yes Hunky it was such a time of celebrating! Glad you did not move to Canada, but if you DID you COULD play with Susan of Susan's mini houses. Felt so cheerful I even watched FOX news for a giggle. C