Saturday, November 17, 2012

An American Tradition: Thanksgiving

For the background I used a painting by one of my ancestors who painted the family home in Ohio. I am from people from France through England on one side and Croatia on the other. 

We have so much to be grateful for here in America this year. Let us harken back to the first Immigrants who gave thanks for their survival in this new land and how they came together to share with those in need as we must do now, from the Middle East to the Jersey Shore. And to all the peoples since who found a better life here under Democracy. Let the people speak, and their voice shall be heard.

And here's to all the little girls of America reclaiming the TEA Party which is rightfully theirs and no one elses!

Cheers from our house to yours, Me and my Little Assistant


  1. Beautiful scenes and words.
    Bye Faby

  2. Thank you Faby. I want to see all about your Christmas swap but with a new grandchild I cannot participate this year. Besos C

  3. This is a really beautiful sentiment, and you have a beautiful Little Assistant.

  4. I am grateful for all my Assistants... CM

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!! Lovely post. Have a beautiful holiday. I can already smell the turkey.

  6. Thank you, my favorite is the cranberries! C