Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is it Christmas yet????

Uh oh. I don't have this modern Strombecker... it is for sale on ebay right now. I really don't want to give you the number... There are many more picture of it on ebay. (FYI,  I am not going after it though it is a gem. It is #251186800931 buy it now for $535.00 or best offer) Seasoned greetings, today.

In McKendry's History of dollhouses she points out the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright on the manufacturing of dollhouses. Go here for more

After these came the Tomy Modern Home. As I said, Is it Christmas yet?By the way I saw the Blick House on German ebay and did not buy it. We really are in a recession, at least I am. 

                             Look at that Cat Picture!

                           OH! The "His" and "Hers" Towels!
                                       Hmmm! I have this table and chairs...
                                          Those drapes are "JUST DIVINE!"

                              I am grateful for what I have.... 
                                       My Little-ist  Assistant

  Would say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! but he can't talk so I'll say         
   it for him. CM


  1. I love it!! The at work is so cool. I wonder if I have room ...

  2. I don't have the room, but I have enough Strombecker furniture to furnish it...Hmm Doll houses or food? I am a little chubby...C

  3. Write your wishlist today and send it to "everybody".... :)
    Hope you get the house.

  4. Hi Mona, Peace in the Middle East, help for Hurricane Sandy victims and Katrina's still struggling. And Joy to the world. That about covers it!!!! CM

  5. Cool house. And I am a fan of the "HOUSE OF THE FUTURE"--ha! I remember it listed on ebay once. I have images of it around here somewhere... Oh---and a lovely color version of the ad via

  6. Greetings Modern MC, Yeah I am still so in love with Mid century anything. C