Saturday, September 24, 2011

Modern Dollhouse: MH1 Bedroom, Roof, etc.

This is the facade of a ruined Triang house. I sprayed it stainless steel and it really showcases the moderness of the Triang design.

Triang facade before

Facade  after.
Playing around with the MH1

It allowed me to add a family room with flatscreen tv, Delph miniatures, Paris Renfroe Nuguchi table, minimodernistas chairs, table, confetti couch, lamp. Silpat rug.
                      More interior, Reac Barcelona chair,  minimodernista couch, room divider, mustard colored ceiling lamps and lucite table, vintage Navajo souvenir rug. Vintage German roombox linno. Paris Renfroe kitchen in background.

Great party house!

Cheers! This was the house warming.

Everyone who was anyone attended...

Roof Lawn, Bozart chairs  in foreground, melted Fly swatters on tea lights sprayed silver for metal chairs in background.

Great for holiday parties...Sorry for the indignities Wes...

Bedroom: Strombecker vintage deco sidetable and small wooden lamp from the 1950's, Gerlach metal vase, real Chinese Maple leaf, minimodernista bed, bedding, pillows and ceiling lights. Silpat curtain.
         Mighty World umbrella and chair set on roof.
So I guess you can say I REALLY like to play with this house... CM


  1. I'm in love with your house, it is wonderful!

  2. That is a real change of the colour for the house. It looks fantastic. Never thought of painting a house with silver grey. I like it!

  3. Stainless steel? Wow, you're brave. Did I give you ideas with spray paint and graffiti ha!?
    It looks super cool =0)

  4. Thank you Eliana, read more about Wes Christensen at


  5. Hi Lilsdolls, In California they use a lot of galvanized steel in modern homes and that is where I go the idea. CM

  6. You give me ENVY! It was done in 2009, I think I will post about it on MR C

  7. Pepper, and the best tension light EVER And the red Baraloum chair lest I sound greedy and ungrateful ( I am the former but not the latter...);) C

  8. This is such a cool house. You should enter it in the contest that Call Small talks about.
    I love the party scenes.

  9. Wes should enter it!

    The parties were the dolls ideas. The antiques and vintages were somewhat shocked by the moderns. C

  10. I can see why the dolls wanted to have a party in the house :)

  11. Fantastic!! I LOVE seeing modern miniatures, and yours are superb!! THAT BED!!!!!