Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MH1 Kitchen, office and family rooms

The room under the stairs makes a good home office.
Venice poster and map by Amatheria, Reac desk chair rement office supplies, pinchofpepper tension lamp, Delph miniature power bar, minimodernista rug.

Sometimes I use the support as a patio. Barrel chairs and table minmodernista.

Dishes, Mighty World playset, cushions, minimodernista. Drawing by my little assistant.

Fork and spoon drawer pulls. Starbucks cup rement gift of mini2B

Peter Renfroe stainless steel kitchen

Plywood chair by Peter Tucker (see my bio of him here http://leftcoastmini.blogspot.com/2011/06/design-profile-peter-tucker.html )
Silpat rug, vintage German linno from a roombox kitchen. I made the book shelf. Flat screen tv Delph miniatures.

Did I mention how much fun this house is to play with? I think one reason is how good the minimodernista, Doris Nathansen furniture and Paris Renfroe designs look in it. I am wanting that snake shelf of his...  Cheers CM


  1. You sure have made a very cool modern house. I like it!

  2. Hi Mona, I made the scenes, Wes made the house his full story is on my other blog http://Myrealitty.blogspot.com/ Carol

  3. Carol, I am fast being converted to a more modern approach to my dollshouses and yours certainly are attractive. This is beautiful! I've always thought that stairs are worth having just so you can use the space underneath lol! The home office is perfect for that area. Great work.

  4. Thanks Sandra, I always love home offices in cozy spaces

  5. These scenes look great!! I love the kidney shaped desk.