Monday, November 8, 2010

Tiny Furniture: the movie, now the HBO series?

Of course I am the one my friends contact about Lena Dunham's movie. Has anyone seen it?

Now HBO is doing a series??? Got sets? What would be some plots? Life follows art?
It became hard enough googling "Dollhouse" after the Joss Wheelan show. My flickr stream was peppered with shots of babes in leather.

My 1:1 house. Just to be clear.
The diningroom table. My elder assistant is cooking her first Thanksgiving dinner at my house. So far she has set the table. That's it.
No menu. No groceries, yet.
But, if you look from this angle you can see someone used a clear spot to sort miniatures...

It's getting hard enough to tell what is miniature and what is real on flickr.

 Sometimes I want to post pictures of my real house there, people would say, "how does she achieve that REALISTIC cluttered look.." ok not really.


  1. Tu casa está preciosa. Un placer ver la chimenea y esa ventana con tanta luz.
    Me encanta.
    Besos Clara

  2. I love your photos of the Jo Searle art with the table and chairs and purple flowers. Have you done a post about them where I can admire them? I will go and look on flickr ;-)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!! The table looks lovely.

    We Canadians had our Thanksgiving in October, but we can still enjoy yours. I certainly would enjoy some roast turkey right now. The weather is getting frosty up hear and comfort food would warm me up.


  4. What a lovely Thanksgiving table!
    A tiny furniture series would be great, hope they will show the tiny furniture movie here!

  5. Hehe, Carol, you really crack me up! :):):)

    By the way, how DO you achieve the realistic cluttered look? tee hee

  6. Rebecca, I THINK in earlier posts or I will just have to post more! CM

  7. Hi Shale!!! Come on down for dinner! Jessy is cooking for the first time and Mr. Turkey is up in the freezer. It is 76 degrees here!
    Nice for the spa under the stars but who wants to wear shorts for Thanksgiving!!!!! C

  8. Pubdoll. we will have to see if it is on the web. xo C

  9. Well Sans... I carefully drop whatever is in my hand the moment I am through with it. It has taken me YEARS to perfect this technique. Let's just say as my mother used to about me... "She keeps a neat ceiling..." :) C