Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kicking it up a notch

ON EBAY: 2 little bozart plastic vases.
Mid century German plant stand.

The bad news is my elder assistant is moving back to D.C. after Christmas.
(The good news will be revealed later)

The other news is I am follwing Shale's lead and listing miniatures I don't want on ebay. My elder assistant is donig this under Lepetitecarol. (She opened her ebay account in high school and now realizes that is mispelled, but it is too hard to change ebay and there we are!)

I will finish describing my current collection sometime next summer and then I am going to weed it out and refine it.

FOUND on ebay, (Not listed by me)

Did you see the Villa Sibi? $599.00 right now. There are many more pictures. #170566946347

Being on ebay as a seller is a whole new perspective and actually great fun! Have you ever done it? I certainly have a lot of experience as a buyer... I hope my little pieces find good homes. I am starting them out at 99 cents and  $1.00     EEK! CM


  1. Nice items which I'm sure will be popular!
    And good luck to you being an ebay seller, I have read that a few say it's harder to be a seller than a buyer on ebay, so I hope everything will go smooth for you!
    BTW, your EEK! reminded me that the biggest auction house in our small town is called Eek :-)(The Ee sounds like ea in tread)

  2. Yes I think I can buy VERY easily. Selling is good because unneeded pieces can find a home. I do not plan to do this as my day job... C

  3. The plantstand is nice I think! And good Luck with the business! Maybe I will follow?

  4. It is fun, instead of just trolling ebay now I get to play seller. The german plant stand is very popular many people are watching it, I wonder what will happen? It is fun to open up ebay now to see if there are any surprises. C

  5. I like selling when items are bought. All too often my items expire with no bids. I guess that means they get a free trip to Goodwill so someone else can enjoy them. I just hope I don't go there and buy them back. LOL