Monday, November 1, 2010

From Australia

with love? Well I love art with a capital A.
Galleries are my churches. Artistic expression are prayers. Get the drift?
I loved these works that were part of this summer's "Call of the Small" exhibit in Canberra curated by Anna-Maria Sviatko.
"Candelabra" and
"I'll Fly away"
 by Linda Davy
But they didn't arrive until today.

This is the view up to the street from my front door.

That green mailbox is mine on the street. But do you see the black one right above the shadow on the red bricks? Well it has been sitting there waiting to replace the green one for months We walk right by it every day. Today for some reason my elder assistant looked inside.
There was the package from Australia with an Ebay package I had reported missing. (I gave the seller good feedback anyway). Why did she look inside? Who knows, but hooray!
So... it IS a small world after all...  just not a simple one.  Sighs of relief all around! C


  1. Your helper is very GOOD and handy to have!

    ART is GREAT! LOVE it!

  2. I love those A items too!
    The side board is an interesting one too.
    Best regards

  3. What would you do without your little assistant! So great you finally got the parcel, the artwork is fabulous! I love the birdtheme on both the painting and candleholder.

  4. Phew! One less thing to stress about...