Thursday, August 18, 2011

Colette and Daphne arrive at the Shaw House in D.C.

 to visit Colette's D.C relatives the Shaws. To Colette who lives in the MH1 their Dutch Gambrel house seems rather formal.
 Oh dear, they have lovely Tynietoy knife boxes, but no dining room table. Nice chairs though and Chandelier.
                     Tynietoy Grandfather clock in the front hall.

The Library. Tynietoy marble fireplace contemporary map in the style of Tynietoy, bookcase, and oh my two drink sets. Hmmm.
Tynietoy pencilpost bed with original mattress, dresser and brick fireplace. Someone needs to hang pictures.
Breakfast room with Lynnfield set.

Sweet little Baby who lives there, seems to need a nursery set. Tynietoy small chair. In fact the upstairs needs finishing. Well
Colette and Daphne enjoyed their stay even though the Shaw's were rather stiff. It is the Happy Shaw house!

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